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Updated: Jan 6, 2020

In many ways, our natural environment is getting better.

Our water is cleaner — both nationally and worldwide. Our air is cleaner. The ozone hole is closing. The number of trees in the United States and across the earth is growing. Our CO2 emissions have decreased by about 14% below 2005 levels, and in the United States, nitrous oxide and methane emissions are down to where they were 30 years ago.

That’s all very good news! But many people are still concerned about the pressure’s humans place on our environment, and the Peoples Climate Movement arose out of these concerns. On Sept. 20 to 27, it is asking people around the planet to walk out of school and the workplace to demand change.

But this sort of escalation and deliberately disruptive action will likely be counterproductive. While direct action may help strikers to feel better by giving them a venue to express their frustrations and fears, it will also drive a lot of people away from their concerns. Additionally, it places the hope for solutions in politicians instead of directly confronting the problem ourselves.

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