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My Climate Pledge: In many ways, our natural environment is getting better. Our water is cleaner — both nationally and worldwide. Our air is cleaner. The ozone hole is closing. The number of trees in the United States and across the earth is growing. Our CO2 emissions have decreased by about 14% below 2005 levels, and in the United States, nitrous oxide and methane emissions are down to where they were 30 years ago. That’s all very good news! But many people are still concern

Presidential Proclamation on National Energy Awareness Month, 2019

Office of the Press Secretary FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 30, 2019 National Energy Awareness Month, 2019 - - - - - - - By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation Throughout the United States, we are seeing a revitalization of our country's energy sector, which is lighting up homes, powering factories, fueling vehicles, strengthening commerce, and driving economic prosperity.  From large cities to rural communities, Americans are reaping the benefits o